(This photo is our attempt at humor ... a tribute to the Ron Burgundy Anchorman movie)

Other than the spouse you select in life, where you work is probably the most "life affecting" decision you can make.  It's serious business.  And, work life and home life are so intertwined, that when you improve one ... you can't help but improve the other!  At, CWP, we are acutely aware that we not only represent our client firms, but we represent you as well.  If it's going to be a good, long term fit, it needs to make sense for both sides. 

People who have worked with other recruiting firms marvel at our user friendly approach.  We hear comments like, "I never felt rushed or pressured through the entire process",  or "I've been called by many recruiters before, but, you're the first one I ever really talked to".  We're proud that people see a difference in us.  Life is too short not to treat everyone with genuine respect.  

What makes our process so effective?  Accumulated insider knowledge.  We talk to employees, ex-employees, DOT officials, City Engineers, County Engineers, Developers, etc. every day.  We really do hear "the good, the bad, and the ugly" about all the different firms in our markets.  While many people we talk with know OF their competitors ...few have the detailed information needed to separate fact from fiction.  We know which firms have the best projects, the best mentoring/training programs, the best benefits ...which firms treat employees like full partners and which are heavily managed.  A recruiting firm is only as good as the client firms it represents.  One main ingredient in our recipe for success has been to partner with only the best firms.  Our litmus test when choosing client firms:  If you wouldn't want to work there yourself, don't take them on as a client firm. 

 You can look at the ENR rankings and visit the websites of your competitors to find out about them."  But that would be like using a globe to find your way around a new city.  Too big of a picture ... missing all the up-close and detailed information you really need.