Ed Piergies Joins with SuccessBooks® to Co-Author "Influence and Impact" with Chris Voss

Ed Piergies Joins with SuccessBooks® to Co-Author "Influence and Impact" with Chris Voss

May 29, 2024

SuccessBooks® is proud to announce a publishing deal with Ed Piergies, founder and President of CWP Technical Group, Inc., for the highly anticipated book Influence and Impact. Ed joins renowned negotiation expert Chris Voss and a host of other leading professionals in this collaborative effort.

Raised near Cleveland, Ohio, Ed Piergies’ journey from a challenging neighborhood to professional success is a testament to his dedication and resilience. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, a B.A. in Business Management, and an A.S. in General Business, graduating with honors in all three disciplines. This strong educational foundation paved the way for his remarkable career.

By the age of 26, Ed had already designed and implemented a national recruiting program for a billion-dollar firm, training 15 divisions in hiring strategy and techniques. His experience managing technical recruiting for a 22-office firm revealed the industry's flaws and inspired him to revolutionize the field. Recognizing the critical role of character in successful placements, Ed founded CWP Technical Group, Inc. in 1993. His firm connects character-driven individuals with character-based companies, focusing on Construction, Civil Engineering Design, Architecture, the Energy Sector, and Finance.

Ed's innovative recruiting methods are shaped by his belief in personal influence and genuine connections over technology-driven, impersonal interactions. His approach has transformed the recruiting process into a life-changing endeavor, ensuring that companies deserving of top talent receive it.

Upon discovering Chris Voss's Never Split the Difference, Ed found a perfect complement to his philosophy of deference, compassion, and listening. He was struck by the alignment of Voss's techniques with his own methods, which prioritize understanding and influencing through respect and active listening.

In addition to his recruiting expertise, Ed is sought after for training, talent acquisition strategy, executive coaching, and speaking engagements. His firm, CWP Technical Group, prides itself on being experts at becoming experts, continuously evolving to meet the needs of their clients and candidates.

To connect with Ed or learn more about CWP Technical Group, visit:
• CWP Technical Group inc.

• Phone: (937) 477-3808
• Email: cwptech@cwptechnical.com
• LinkedIn: Ed Piergies https://www.linkedin.com/in/ed-piergies/

CWP stands for Chester Walter Piergies, Ed’s father, in honor of his enduring legacy.

SuccessBooks® is thrilled about the upcoming release of Influence and Impact and invites readers worldwide to delve into the rich insights and practical wisdom shared by Ed Piergies, Chris Voss, and a distinguished panel of co-authors.