To The Companies We Work With

Why Use CWP?

You can find the best talent on our own, right?

People of character desire companies of character. 


But how do they find each other?  

There’s so much white noise out there!  From the candidate’s perspective, there are so many companies that CLAIM to be character driven.  Mission statements, websites, interviews, often relay biased information concerning a firm’s true culture.  And from the company’s standpoint, applicants are hard-wired to hide their faults on resumes and in interviews.


How do the truly great ones find each other?

Employee referrals are often the answer.  Both parties are brought together by a trusted third party.  As companies grow, however, employee referrals alone often aren’t enough.  And your top managers don’t have the bandwidth to do everything.  So, additional methods of finding and hiring character driven people are required. 


Good strategy, management, planning and vision are not enough to ensure the future …you need to select, nurture and retain the people that will carry that out. 


In a recent study where thousands of hiring authorities were surveyed, it was found that only 26% of their hires turned out to be high performers.  Not surprisingly, the study also found that 95% of managers said the “least enjoyable aspects of the job were problems caused by mis-hires.”  That’s exactly why our recruiting methods are what they are.  We don’t go after the low hanging fruit on Internet job boards, but instead, pursue the high value targets who are gainfully employed and not actively looking.  An influx of great candidates will dramatically improve the percentage of high performers on any team.                                                                               

In addition, the “A players” that are hired become talent magnets for other high performers.  That’s the secret …that’s how we help build companies ….solution oriented partners.



Dedicated Research Team

We are surgical recruiters, not a resume clearinghouse. Most recruiters rely on these: Internet job boards, LinkedIn posts and messages, any and all social media, email blasts, etc. The merit of doing so is clear … no rejection.  The weakness of this approach is also clear … volume instead of quality.  Our proven 18 step process allows us to ignore the low hanging fruit on Internet job boards and instead pursue the high value targets who are gainfully employed at your direct competitors and not actively looking.

Our clients view us as a partner rather than merely a vendor.  Some  have been with us for over 25 years and counting. The single most important driver of a firms’ performance is human capital, or talent.

The people you hire is either where the magic begins, or the problems start. 

Character driven.  Companies hire for competence, but fire for character.  

Beyond a resume, things like dependability and honesty matter. It’s called character. The employees that companies hold on to have lots of it. The people always “floating around looking for something” typically don’t.

We help character driven firms find and hire people with their same values.