To The People We Work With

Could you be happier?

Are you capable of more?  Do you deserve more?  Most engineers and construction professionals that we work with describe themselves as "currently happy, but open-minded."  That's a good place to start. It puts you in the driver's seat where you can explore opportunities, but not feel pressured or compelled to accept anything that does not absolutely WOW you.


Why CWP?

All of the insider information we have accumulated since 1993 takes the guess work out of choosing the companies that are the true winners. The A++ firms. One of our candidates said it best, "So you're like Angie's List for construction or civil consulting firms?" YES - and we couldn't have said it better ourselves.

If you were looking for a good handyman, you might use Angie's List to sort through the multitude of contractors all CLAIMING to be fantastic, to eventually find the one that truly is. Similarly, we help the people we work with to sort through the white noise in the career market to introduce them to a TRULY A++ firm to maximize their value and uniqueness.


It's one of the main reasons people choose to work with us. It is virtually impossible to peruse the market on your own and maintain confidentiality. In your industry, "everybody seems to know everybody else". We understand. You don't want to put your current situation in jeopardy by investigating something new.

At CWP, we go to great lengths to protect your confidentiality and can even boast of an over 25 year history with zero security breaches. Our process gives you the peace of mind to consider something new without risking what you already have.

If you decide to make a change, it should be on your own terms after careful deliberation and investigation and without worries of someone within your business contacts finding out.



"You're the only recruiter I will talk to...and I get calls like this all of the time"

Our philosophy is to treat people with respect, patience and understanding and we find that most people see this as a refreshing change from our industry. We receive calls all the time commenting on the positivity of our process...please see our testimonial page for actual comments.